Sanctuary for the Arts

In January 2014, two dancing spiritual leaders came together to create a dancing church. After receiving a small grant from the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., a1001 New Worshipping Community began. Worship services were held at InterPlayce in Oakland, CA the first Sunday of each month. These services harnessed all the creative power of improvisation, inviting participants to dance, tell stories, and sing.

An additional round of grant funding facilitated the addition of monthly gatherings in San Francisco at Covenant Presbyterian Church, whose building included a dance studio space.


After two solid years of monthly worship gatherings, financial challenges and changes in the personal lives of its leaders led to a complete shift in form. The co-founders of SftA began collaborating with artists to create experimental worship experiences less frequently, but on a larger scale. The end of 2017 marked the end of Sanctuary for the Arts in the Bay Area.

The Spirit of SftA lives on in any person who is willing to create sanctuary for the arts.

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