• Do you find yourself searching for stillness?
  • Do you need a way to relieve stress and clear your head?
  • Do you need a weekly reset button to gain new perspective?

This Tuesday Night Meditation will do just that – and more. Give yourself thirty minutes every Tuesday night at 7pm PST to center your soul and quiet your mind.

If you are new to mindful meditation or simply want to supplement your existing practice, this class is an opportunity to join a meditation group from the comfort of your own space.

30 minutes, once per week over the phone. Each meditation will be recorded and emailed to you in case you miss the call.

Taught by Angelina Alvarez, a skilled and passionate meditation leader who has honed her skills by teaching Mindfulness in elementary schools throughout the Bay Area.

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  • 30-minute Mindfulness Meditations every Tuesday at 7 PM PST over the phone
  • Access to recordings of these calls in case you miss it
  • The support of a community that values Mindfulness
  • Exclusive invitations and discounts on meditation workshops and retreats

Still not sure about all this Mindfulness stuff? Listen to our first call. Angelina explains what Mindfulness is and why it is important:

More About Angelina

Angelina grew up in Richmond, CA and graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in Photography. Shortly after graduation, Angelina injured her wrist, damaging the nerves in her hand to the point that she could no longer use a camera or edit digital images.

This injury in combination with a series of family tragedies left Angelina in constant pain physically and emotionally. Panic attacks followed, and she found herself in the ER several times. Pharmaceutical solutions to her pain and panic just didn’t feel right and Angelina began researching pharmaceutical alternatives.

It was then that she discovered transcendental meditation. After two years of meditation practice, Angelina now lives a healing lifestyle and teaches others to do the same. She understands how daily life, childhood trauma and chronic physical pain can lead to depression and practices Mindfulness Meditation as she walks, understanding the power of breath as a holistic way to manage health.